Certified Drug Test Collector Refresher Exam

This annual professional examination will help maintain the highest regulatory compliance and industry performance as a Certified Drug Test Collector (CDTC). The exam reviews scenarios pertaining to 49 CFR Part 40, helping to ensure the collector has a full grasp of the requirements and expectations of collections processes.

This exam is for CDTCs who have obtained a five-year certification and who wish to sharpen and hone their skills by completing an annual exam. This is a quality-assurance program designed to evaluate whether collection professionals have solid knowledge of proper procedures and to determine if any areas of needed training are evident, based on exam results.

This exam tests knowledge of collections procedures, problem collections and scenario-based decision-making pertinent to 49 CFR Part 40.

Four separate exams are offered, giving a Collector the opportunity to take one exam each year until the five-year, mandatory refresher training exam is required. After the first year of becoming a Certified Collector, you should take Collector Exam 1; after the second year, you should take Collector Exam 2, and so on.

The exam will cover the following material: