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Conflict Mitigation Training for Drug Screening Professionals: Live Instruction


Our Conflict Mitigation Training equips drug and alcohol screening professionals with tools and strategies for dealing with difficult specimen donors and moving a test forward — even when they encounter resistance.

This version of our popular course delivers live instruction from a top trainer who can address specific questions and concerns in real-time and with a series of role play.

Conflict Mitigation Training enhances existing collector training by building on the drug and alcohol screening professional’s skills to perform collections successfully and support health and safety efforts to keep workplaces and communities drug-free. Participants are introduced to concepts that help them maintain professionalism and accuracy under the pressure of difficult circumstances.

This course is developed for regulated or non-regulated urine drug screen settings because these processes and protocols are solidified and thoroughly documented. However, the lessons in this training apply to any drug or alcohol testing process during which the collector has direct contact with a donor.

Upon successful course completion, a certificate of course completion will be issued.

After purchasing this training, please arrange your appointment with a live instructor by calling Janet Kornmann at 605-237-1357. Expect a response within two business days. Trainings are scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis and typically are conducted within one month of making this contact.